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Banshee Cried Silver


Banshee Cried Silver is a spaghetti western inspired, love-tragic, comedic, dance drama film. It is both a sincere and absurd exploration of movement and storytelling. 


Set between undeveloped land beneath a train station and a forgotten alleyway, a secret love affair sets off a series of events that spiral into tragedy, vengeance, dance, betrayle and bloodshed.

Banshee Cried Silver premiered  at the substation as a part of FRAME festivals  ‘REALREAL’ curated by Jo loyd and Melanie Lane.

in 2023 itwas awarded best film by Hybrid festival Melbourne. 

Dancehouse recently programmed Harrison's dance film Banshee Cried Silver (2023) as part of Dance (Lens)

Biennial screendance festival in July 2023. Through Dance (Lens), Harrison’s work will also be screened as

part of Performance Space’s Liveworks Festival at Carriageworks in Sydney in October, and screenings in Perth later in the year.

Banshee Cried Silver was part of Dance (Lens)’ Official Selection program curated by a panel of local and

international experts including Gitta Wigo (UK), Siobhan Murphy, Feras Shaheen and for Liveworks, Erin




Artist Name- Harrison Ritchie-Jones

Title of work- Banshee Cried Silver

Year created-2022

Medium/materials- one- channel video with sound 

Duration-13m 35s




Directed, written and choreographed by Harrison Ritchie-Jones 


Filmed, Edited & Graded by Alex Walton 




Anika De Ruyter

Samantha Hines

Jessie Oshodi

Harrison Ritchie-Jones

Arabella Frahn-Starkie

Louella Hogan

Robert Alejandro Tinning Hurtado Cuero

rachel coulson

Mason Kelly

Jack Ziesing

Marni Green

Nikki Tarling

Rebecca Jensen

Music Composition & Sound Mix by Nicholas Roder



Erica Tucceri - Flutes

Lena Douglas - Vocals & Clavinet

Maximillian West- Spoken word/Vocals

Harrison Ritchie-Jones - Poem/Lyrics  


Dance Battle Track written by Max Dowling


KIDD BASK- Dance track rapper 

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