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by Harrison Ritchie-Jones

"put the money in the bag if you want to dance"

Partners in crime raise the stakes and go all out on a dance heist, bigger than ever before. The window is short and the road is dangerous — will they make it out alive?

In “CUDDLE”, two of Melbourne’s contemporary dance artists on the rise, Harrison Ritchie-Jones and Michaela Tancheff, expertly explore and subvert expectations around intimacy.

Circled around the space like spectators at a wrestling match, the audience witnesses a difficult, dynamic duel resembling something between; wrestling, rodeo partnering, mud fighting, tango and contemporary dance. The work is full of surreal sonic and visual surprises as it slowly undresses from staunch & funny to vulnerable, epic and real.



Harrison Ritchie-Jones – Choreographer and Performer

Michaela Tancheff - Performer

Alex Walton -  Videographer 

Nick Roder - Composer

Max Dowling - Composer

Michaela Coventry – Producer

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