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Shimmer of the Numinous

" an inter-generational choreographic performance work".

“Shimmer of the Numinous” Featuring performer Harrison Ritchie-Jones and his mother Jen Ritchie-Jones, this contemporary dance work sees a mother (an untrained dancer) and her son (a professional dancer and choreographer) perform together for an intimate audience. After 24 years, the two have came together over 14 months to embark on a new journey, stepping into unknown creative territory with each other.

Using multiple disciplines to engage with their relationship in new found platforms, Shimmer of the Numinous emphasises the subtle exchange of knowledge between mother and son and celebrates the pair’s relationship while challenging the function of dance.

Shimmer of the numinous was developed through Next Waves kickstart helix program and premiered as apart of Next Wave Festival(2019) at the Brunswick mechanics institute.

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