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"cinematic , cathartic & wildly virtuosic"

TANTRUM FOR 6  situates itself in the bizarre imaginings of a parallel universe where
like a bird has a flight plan in its DNA when its born - so does the human for a dance plan.
The work explores the idea that 6 babies born from a thunderstorm are inherent with an
innate dance.
They slowly are processing the dance as it renders and refines through the course of work.
While this is happening the audience witness the dancers experiencing raw emotions
screaming and sobbing laughing and honking and a sense of pure instinct and impulse,
sometimes fracturing or corrupting the dance but it surges forward non the less becoming
more and more technical.

I see the layer of baby as a form of inspiration, humour, sometimes logic and intrigue
but the true underpinnings of the work is my intense and rigorous obsession with a new
movement language i've been working on and expanding its potential with more and more
This new & experimental movement language is a refined technical practice of weaving
and blending contemporary dance with inspiration from rodeo barnyard dance, wrestling,
classical partner dance, martial arts, contact improvisation, figure skating, break dance and
other more abstract references.

I have brought together six of Australia’s most talented and exciting contemporary dancers
- Rebecca Jensen, Georgia Rudd,
Oliver Savariego, Michaela Tancheff, Anika de Ruyter and
myself - a mixture of highly experienced and emerging dancers who combined allow me to
truly experiment and allow for exquisite artistic freedom and play. 


choreographed by Harrison Ritchie-Jones 

Filmed & Edited by Harrison Ritchie-Jones 



Georgia Rudd

 Oliver Savariego

Michaela Tancheff

Anika de Ruyter

Harrison Ritchie-Jones

Rebecca Jensen

Music Composition & Sound Mix by Nicholas Roder

Costumes by Andrew Treloar 

set design by Harrison Ritchie-Jones

Lighting Design by Kate sfetkidis

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